STIHL AP 500 S Battery

Manufacturer: Stihl 
Product Code: AP500S*

  • $499.99

The most powerful battery of the AP cordless system.


Customer Benefits: 

  • + 20% longer operating times with AP 500 S compared to AP 300 S
  • Twice the service life/number of charging cycles compared to AP 300 S and all competitive conventional batteries
  • Low weight, despite the high energy content 🡪2.0 kg at 337 Wh
  • Increased appliance performance up to max. 3.0 kW with AP 500 S (MSA 300)
  • Improved temperature behaviour and lower heating at maximum load
  • Optically better recognizability due to the orange part on the visible surface
  • Charge status display via 4 green LEDs
  • Fault indication via red LED
  • STIHL connected features


  • The new AP can be connected to the user's smartphone or tablet to communicate with the STIHL cloud.
  • This allows the new AP to be integrated into the "STIHL connected" fleet management system and managed like a product:
  • The charging status and the serial number can be viewed on the smartphone when the battery is in the product or on the workbench.
  • The charging status and the serial number can be viewed in the "STIHL connected" portal and thus as well remotely for several products at the same time.
  • The discharging time of the battery can be viewed and thus the actual operating time becomes transparent for the customer.
  • As with all other STIHL connected products, the last known geo position of the AP 500 S can be displayed.

AP 300 S

AP 500 S

Energy content [Wh]



Capacity [Ah]



Voltage [V]


36 V

Weight [kg]



Max. output power [kW] 



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