Stabila LA-5P G self-leveling, 5-Point/Dot GREENBEAM Laser (7069660643488)

Stabila LA-5P G Self-Leveling, 5-Point/Dot GREENBEAM Laser

Manufacturer: Stabila 
Product Code: 03165

  • $385.00

The self-leveling, STABILA LA-5P G, projects 5-bright GREENBEAM laser dots, visible up to 60 ft. Layout points can be transferred and right angles can be set in an instant. It features a mechanical on/off switch and pendulum lock. This durable and compact, pouch laser is excellent for framing walls, interior and exterior. Builders will appreciate the ability to work directly against wood plates and metal track, in all conditions, even in brightly lit spaces. The highly efficient LA-5P G laser is powered by 3-AA batteries, providing you up to 15 hours of constant run time.


  • The self-leveling STABILA LA-5P G Set features 5-bright GREENBEAM laser, pouch, removable framing base, target plate, metal wall mount plate and batteries.
  • Quickly transfer layout points and set right angles, even in brightly lit conditions.
  • The LA-5P G comes with a v-groove rare earth magnet built into the housing for secure attachment to metal.
  • 5 green bright and tight dots are visible up to 60ft.
  • Up dot accuracy tolerance: Will not exceed 3/16 in @ 50ft.
  • Down dot accuracy tolerance: Will not exceed 1/4 @ 50ft.
  • Level dot accuracy tolerance: Will not exceed 3/16in @ 50ft.
  • Square dot accuracy tolerance: Will not exceed 1/8in @ 50ft.
  • Warranty: Up to 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • Mechanical off/on switch with pendulum lock.
  • Self-leveling range: 4.5 degrees.
  • Up to 15 hours of constant run time on 3-AA batteries.


  • Positioning/setting interior and exterior walls.
  • Transferring layout points from floor to ceiling.
  • Laying out square within 60 ft.
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