Shibuya TS-403 Core Drill

Manufacturer: Shibuya 
Product Code: DR1003

  • $4,498.99

16" Bit Capacity.

27 Amps.



  • 3 Speed 300/800/1400 RPM.
  • 39" Column.
  • 24" Stroke.
  • Roller Carriage.
  • Carrying handle for easy lifting.
  • Fixed or Angle Base Models.

TS-403 Core Drills 

One of the bestselling professional core drills on the market, with it 16” Bit capacity, to it 2-3/8”x2-3/8” Square extruded steel column for lighter weight, with greater strength and tighter tolerances. And full roller carriage for smooth and precise drilling. The TS402 is equipped with a motor overload protection and has with a 30A Twist lock Plug on the power cord. The 3 speed gear box has all the versatility you need for all sizes of bits. TS-403 uses the same heavy duty carriage, column, and base assemblies, as the TS-353 & TS-402 Drills, The TS-403 works with the optional Shibuya Auto Feed System for maximum productivity. Feed handle works on both the right and left side of the carriage for tight work spaces. And the clutch adjustments can done without disassembly of the drill. A 360 ° Water swivel for Convenience, and the base has self-cleaning leveling screws.
2 Year Warranty.








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