Riding Brush Mower | The 2WD Brush Rover (6597443518624)

Riding Brush Mower | The 2WD Brush Rover

Manufacturer: IPS Honda 
Product Code: RM98

  • $12,299.99

An Impressive Riding Brush Mower
The Brush Rover, a riding brush mower, is that one machine every outdoor pro needs in their equipment arsenal. This powerful brush mower is impressive in the amount of brush it will takedown, but more importantly, is extremely easy and fun to drive! Users get that Go-Cart driving feeling as the Rover smashes brush under the mowing deck to get mulched up. With two flail blades spinning on each end of the center blade and a rock-solid spindle, outdoor pros quickly and easily take down woody material, tall grass, and thick brush.

Although an essential weapon against brush for obvious outdoor professionals such as landscapers, construction contractors, rental companies, and land maintenance professionals, the Brush Rover has become popular among trail maintenance professionals, farmers, park systems of the city, state, and federal jurisdictions, as well as large property owners with acres of brush needing management, especially those with hilly properties with lots of trees.

Why the Brush Rover over other riding lawn mowers?

Many professionals attempt to cut brush using an ordinary riding lawnmower. As they quickly learn, these riding lawn mowers are not designed for rough use. As a consequence of taking on the hearty brush and thick, tall grass, ordinary mowers easily receive belt brakes and damage to its spindle. Our engineers know how tough brush cutting can be on outdoor power equipment, and have therefore added extra reinforcement and minimize damage to the Brush Rover through innovation in its design. In addition, this machine’s low center of gravity and locking differential feature makes the Brush Rover easy to operate, even when tackling slopes.

In the past, the Brush Rover has been called the “King Kong of Brush Mowing.” While still a beast to be reckoned with, it now has a big brother making its claim for that title, that brother being the 4WD Brush Rover.

RM982 Brush Rover 2WD
Type Vanguard V-twin (gas)
Displacement 627 cc
Horsepower 21 hp
Fuel Tank Capacity 5 gal.


Work performance
Cutting Width 38.4 in.
Cutting height 2 - 5 in. (variable)
Cutting System Rotary Flail
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