Riding Brush Mower - 4WD Ride on Brush Cutter

Manufacturer: IPS Honda 
Product Code: RM982F

  • $17,999.99

A 4WD Riding Brush Mower That Eats Saplings for Breakfast

Looking for a 4WD riding brush mower to add to your selection of outdoor power equipment? Look no further. The 4WD Brush Rover by Orec is truly a beast of a machine that quickly and easily chops up pretty much any brush in its path. Watching this machine in action makes even the savviest of outdoor pros smile like a kid in the candy store. This ride-on brush mower was specifically designed to effectively take on the dense brush, saplings, and challenging terrain that can often cause significant damage to other mowers. Just like the 2WD Brush Rover, this 4WD riding brush mower is equipped with two flail blades on either end of the center blade to give you all the cutting power you’ve come to love, with even more strength and stability to be able to safely conquer brush on slopes and harder to reach areas.

The 4WD Brush Rover is an Outdoor Pro’s Favorite Machine

We cannot count how many of the customers that have reached out to tell us how much they and their team love the Brush Rover. The strength of the 4WD for slope-mowing to the power of the machine to go up-and-over large brush never ceases to amaze. Often times, a landscaping team will share stories of how everyone fights to be the Brush Rover user for the day. Who doesn’t love smashing up brush all day? We also love hearing about all the endless applications for this 4WD riding brush mower – its compact size and ease of turning the unit make it indispensable out in the field to mow brush through tight areas tight and around obstacles such as boulders, picnic benches, and trees.

Brush cutting has never been easier than it is with the Brush Rover. Based on the feedback we receive from happy users, you might one to get more than one so your entire team is happy.

RM982F Brush Rover 4WD
Type Vanguard V-twin (gas)
Displacement 627 cc
Horsepower 21 hp
Fuel Tank Capacity 5 gal.


Work performance
Cutting Width 38.4 in.
Cutting height 3 - 6 in. (variable)
Cutting System Rotary Flail
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