Quikpoint™ Lightning Grouter

Manufacturer: Quikpoint 
Product Code: 1991

  • $340.99

The New Quikpoint Lightning Grouter is the perfect tool for large and small flat-work jobs. With it's 2 1/2 gallon capacity hopper, you can roll along any joint with precision. You will also cut down on waste and clean up with buy using a variable speed drill to control the output of mortar while having a clear line of sight to your joint. Just hook up your 3/8" variable speed drill, adjust the depth of one of 4 different interchangeable nozzles, and start pointing! No more bending over or getting on your knees to point joints by hand or with a grout bag. The Quikpoint Lightning Grouter is not only easier on your body, it can be up to 5 times faster than traditional pointing methods.
  • Grouts pavers, patio blocks, tile, and all flat-work with ease. Will work right up to where flat work meets vertical surface
  • Auger-Vibrator Feed - Just Add Your Drill (Use variable speed drill for precise control.)
  • Will dispense all mortar mixes and tile grouts.
  • No mess. Fast application
  • 4 Steel Nozzle Sizes - 3/16"x3/4",1/4"x3/4",1/2"x5/8" and angled 1/4"x3/4".
  • Holds 2.5 Gallons
  • Easy Load - Easy Clean - Simply trowel or pour mortar into 8" diameter hopper top.
  • 3" Wheel for Easy Rolling
  • Adjustable Wheel Height
  • Fast, Accurate & Clean
  • Saves Your Back








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