Non-Stop Workhouse (7434444741)

Non-Stop Workhouse

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Build Walls 6 to 20 Ft High At Least 25% Faster! 

  • Turn All Your Short Walls Into MONEY WALLS with WORKHORSE
  • Go from slab to ceiling in one shot, without stopping! And DOUBLE YOUR PROFIT!
  • Frames make you stop working about 3 times on a 14-foot wall. That's 10 blocks PER MASON lost whenever they stop. That's 40 blocks for 3 stops. For 4 masons, that's 120 blocks per day lost.
  • Build Every Wall 6 to 20 Feet High At Least 25% Faster!
  • Lightweight - 135 lbs - Moves By Hand. Roll It On Casters Inside.
  • Easy To Access - Legal To Climb.
  • Sets Up and Moves Faster Than Frames
  • No-BS Lifetime Guarantee.
  • WORKHORSE has a 3′-8″ stub base rather than the old 9′-7″ base. The advantage is being a LOT more transportable. You can knock it down and move it in a pickup.
  • WORKHORSE’s standard configuration is the stub base with one 4′-3″ extension. The total tower height is 7′-11″ so it’ll go anywhere. When it’s jacked as high as it goes, the masons’ feet will be 6′-5″ above the floor. The masons’ shoulders will be about 11′-6″ above the floor and can top out an 11′-4″ wall easily.
  • WORKHORSE has a built-in hop board for the tenders.


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