SnowDog Twin Track V14 MER

Manufacturer: C.P.T 
Product Code: T-V14MER

  • $7,789.22


Double-tracked snowmobiles are the most popular type of winter utility machine in Russia. The design allows you to confidently move in deep snow and alpine areas carrying a considerable load. The principle of using two tracks was implemented
in the new Snowdog Pro Twin tracksled designed for riding in particularly harsh conditions. The new machine has all the benefits of a double-tracked snowmobile, but is light, economical, and can be transported in a pickup truck. It also has a valuable
feature of riding over steep slopes up to 45 degrees. 


Off-road capability: The tracksled has two tracks that are 111.4 inches long and 15 inches wide. Thanks to a large contact area, the ground pressure is merely 24 g/cm², and the original layout with widely spaced tracks prevents the machine from tipping on its side. 

Powerful: The tracksled has the newest singlecylinder 14 hp professional Vanguard engine by Briggs&Stratton (USA). 

Vanguard engines are the most advanced air-cooled motors made in the 21st century. They have high torque at low speed, reliable start at -22°F, are protected against fuel getting into the crankcase during transportation, perform steady while tilted up to 45°, and are covered by a 3-year warranty. 

Reliability: The Snowdog Pro Twin has been designed and tested by us for two years. All of its joints are simple and thought through. For example, the tracksled’s drive chain is in the sealed oil sump, and the double strand chain makes this vulnerable joint extremely reliable. 

Fuel autonomy: All Snowdog Pro Twin engines have a built-in fuel tank, that allows riding for 2 hours in most demanding conditions of snow and terrian. Design allows for adding additional tanks with a joint capacity up to 60 liters — in the luggage compartment and on the machine’s sides. This will radically increase the distance traveled.

Versatility: The Snowdog Pro Twin is equipped with a reverse reduction gearbox with reducing gear. It provides the high torque at low rpm whenever it’s required. Now it is easy to tow the load with the reverse gear engaged and to use the snowplow while moving with a walking speed. As for accessories, the slider suspension, wide sleds, front sled module and a 5 kW generator are being offered.

Snowdog Twin Track 2021 features:


  1. Two 15'' wide tracks.
  2. Professional series Vanguard® 400 engine.
  3. New trolley-slider suspension improves cross terrain performance. Can be used with sliders removed.
  4. Openable hood for easy engine and transmission maintenance.
  5. Wide handlebar makes the steering easier and enlarges the luggage compartment.
  6. Heated grips are controlled by a handlebar switch and ensure the ride will be comfortable.
  7. Comes with hand guards which protect user’s hands against tree branches and cold wind.
  8. Headlight is on the hood’s top for better lighting.

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