SnowDog Long Track B13 MER

Manufacturer: C.P.T 
Product Code: M-B13MER

  • $6,199.22

We have produced short and medium-tracked tracksleds for over 5 years. This experience helped us to make a new SNOWDOG Long Track. Compared to regular Snowdog models it has a longer frame and boasts a larger luggage compartment. Deep snow performance was enhanced by trolley-slider suspension and front-drive transmission. As every other PRO-series model, Snowdog Long Track has an enriched package, new design and modern features. This allows for a comfortable and safe deep snow ride.


  • 131 inch long, 20 inch wide track.
  • 3 cubic feet luggage compartment allows to carry bigger load.
  • New trolley-slider suspension increases cross terrain performance. Can be used with sliders removed.
  • Openable hood for easy engine and transmission maitenance.
  • Wide handlebar makes the steering easier and enlarges the luggage compartment.
  • Heated grips are controlled by a handlebar switch and ensure the ride will be comfortable.
  • Snowdog Utility comes with hand guards which protect user’s hands against tree branches and cold wind.
  • Headlight is on the hood’s top for better lighting.



Model Long Track B13 MER
Engine, power, hp Briggs&Stratton
Engine displacement, cc 420
Length × width × height, in 70 × 31 × 30
Length × width of track, in 131 × 20 × 0,7
Weight, lb 353
Maximal carrying weight, lb 110
Maximal towing capacity, lb 660*
Fuel tank capacity, gal 1,74
Minimal fuel consumption, gph 1
Transmission CVT
Suspension Trolley-slider
Electric starter Yes
Disk brake Yes
Reverse drive Yes
Generator, A 10
LED headlight, W 8
Battery Yes

* Maximal towing capacity may vary depending on the type of surface.

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