Motorized Carrier | The Trailblazer Transporter

Manufacturer: IPS Honda 
Product Code: LS360

  • $4,499.99

A Motorized Carrier for Heavy Hauling
The Trailblazer Transporter, a motorized carrier by Orec, is a compact heavy hauler for all outdoor professionals in a myriad of industries with endless applications. With a max payload of 650 pounds, the Trailblazer features a dual track drive and a durable metal bed that can take loads over and through areas that larger equipment simply cannot access. The independent wheels can cover steep slopes and obstacles with no problem—they can even handle steps! Whether you are a landscaper needing to move materials, a contractor working a tight job site, a land maintenance professional looking to clear a trail or you just need to haul material around your property, the Trailblazer will become the machine you literally cannot move forward without. This motorized carrier will help you get the job done with little effort and maximum safety.

The Trailblazer Provides Versatility to the Job Site
Common problems that landscapers, contractors, trail builders, and large property owners face when needing to haul heavy materials, is that they don’t have the right outdoor power equipment for the right job. Perhaps their equipment is far too large to transport materials through tight spaces and maneuver up and around obstacles. This heavy hauler takes uneven ground and rough terrain straight up-and-over and conquers such challenges as hauling loads up steep slopes and stairways. This motorized carrier is versatile with its adjustable walls to accommodate a variety of loads. The Trailblazer Transporter makes professionals look smarter by helping them haul smarter!

LS360 Trailblazer Transporter
Type Honda (gas)
Displacement 118 cc
Horsepower 3.5 hp
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.1 U.S. qts


Work performance
Max. Payload 650 lbs.
Bed size (normal) 36"L x 23"W.
Bed size (expand) 43"L x 37"W.
Dump Manual
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