IMER Step-up 120 Plus - 1 Phase Spray & Grout Pump

Manufacturer: Imer 
Product Code: 1106180

  • $19,999.99

Step Up to IMER’s Step-Up 120 Series Spray and Grout Pumps

When you need more power to push through stiffer material, or you just need more volume, then look no further than the Step-Up 120 series of pumps. The IMER Step-Up 120 is a towable but very compact sized pump suited for very unique pumping situations and environments. These pumps are extremely versatile. Pump or spray mortars, stuccos, grouts, restoration mortars, underlayments, fireproofing, waterproofings along with many other materials.

Technical specifications:

Motor power rate: 3 hp
Mixer power rate: 2 hp
Electric compressor: 1 hp / 9 cfm
Max aggregate size: 1/4"
Maximum flow rate 1.5 cu yd
Horizontal pumping distance (*): 200 ft
Vertical pumping distance (*): 100 ft
Hopper capacity: 4.25 cu ft
Dimensions: 33" W x 80" L x 38" H
Weight: 616 lbs

(*) The pumping distance will vary depending upon the type of material being used.

Standard Equipment:

Inverter Control panel
66’ power cord- 66’ of water hose Ø 19 mm (3/4”)
Remote control ready
3 hp Single-Phase 100% duty cycle motor
IM25L rotor/stator
Tow kit
Grate for premixed materials
Accessory tool box

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