Stabila Type 106TM Magnetic Extendable Plate Levels

Manufacturer: Stabila 
Product Code: 34610

  • $509.25

STABILA Rare Earth Magnetic Plate Levels adhere to metal with tremendous force. These magnetic levels allow you to work hands free with precision and speed.

  • STABILA Type 106TM Rare Earth Magnetic Plate Levels.
  • Flush mounted magnets wipe clean and allow for hands-free use.
  • Strong reinforced frame.
  • Two hand grips.
  • Hang hole in the frame to keep the level off of the floor when not in use.
  • 6 sided keyed extension rail delivers smooth and rigid operation.
  • Vial accuracy guaranteed for life.
  • Plumb vial always at eye level.
  • 2 plumb vials, 1 level vial.
  • Opposite side is a measuring surface and straight edge.
  • Protective carrying cases, replacement endcaps are available as optional accessories.






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