Little Beaver Pengo Points & Blades

Manufacturer: Little Beaver 
Product Code: 9023-P35

  • $6.99

When drilling in hard clay, frozen ground, or hard pan soils, carbide blades are recommended. By cutting the clay or ground into small pieces rather than digging into these materials, you’ll realize faster hole drilling.

These blades mount to the bottom of standard augers, replacing both the standard point and side cutting blade. Grade 5 mounting bolts and locknuts are included with the 4″ to 14″ carbide blades.

Carbide Blade (Std Auger) Sizes: 1.5″  2″  3″  4″  5″  6″  7″  8″   9″  10″  12″  14″

Carbide Blade (Hex Auger) Sizes: 1.2″   2″   3″


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