Little Beaver Hydraulic Earth Drills

Manufacturer: Little Beaver 
Product Code: HYD-PS11H

  • $5,843.99

Hydraulic Earth Drills

  • Powerful, reliable, reversible hydraulic drive
  • Torque-free digging eliminates kickback
  • Highly maneuverable three-wheel chassis


  • Industrial fencing
  • Landscaping
  • Pole barns
  • Soil sampling
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Mobile home & light utility anchoring
  • Foundation pier holes
  • Horizontal boring

Choose Your Handle

To complete your Hydraulic earth auger, choose one of our three handle options. All handles feature a self-centering control valve for return to neutral when released.

  • The one-man handle is used for ordinary drilling tasks. The 150 RPM motor generates 225 ft. lbs. of torque to drive augers up to 9″ in diameter.
  • Choose the two-man handle for drilling larger diameter (10″–16″) or extra deep holes.
  • A high-torque anchor handle is designed for anchoring mobile homes or light utility work.

Tripod Kit

The Little Beaver Tripod Kit allows controlled drilling and easy 4″ auger removal up to 35′ deep. Designed for soil sampling and geophysical work, the Tripod Kit features fast set-up and a hand winch, and is compatible with both one- and two-man handles.

Telescoping Torque Tube

The Telescoping Torque Tube Kit allows the power source to remain on a vehicle while the included two-man handle is used to drill holes up to 11 feet away. The kit is perfect for drilling along roadways or other accessible areas, and also allows attachment to any equipment that has auxiliary hydraulic connections.
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