Kress Commercial - 60V 25" Hedge Trimmer - Tool Only

Kress Commercial - 60V 25" Hedge Trimmer - Tool Only

Manufacturer: Kress 
Product Code: KC200.9

  • $549.99

Featuring brushless motor power and high-speed cutting with laser-cut blades, the Kress 25" Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a gas-free solution for precise shrub care. Long-lasting battery power supports extensive professional trimming, while the lightweight body maximizes all-day comfort and control.

  • Kress-built commercial-grade brushless motors provide more power, longer runtime, and extended lifespan over standard brushed motors.
  • A cutting speed of 3200 CPM provides the cutting efficiency of a gas product to accomplish even the most challenging hedge rows.
  • Dual-sided laser cut and ground blades are manufactured with German steel, the standard for excellence and quality in cutting applications.
  • Built-in LED Control Panel displays battery power level and available adjustable settings.
  • Ergonomic, well-balanced, and low vibration allows for comfortable and longer periods of operation without fatigue.
  • IPX4 waterproofing ensures the weather will not interrupt your hedge trimming operations.
  • The Kress 8-minute CyberSystem has fully unlocked the true potential of battery power. Longer service life*. 2x power output*. 8-minute charge time**. Zero downtime. The wait is over, start your transition to zero-emission today.

Key features

  • A cutting speed of 3200 rpm
  • Durability thanks to German steel
  • 8-minute CyberSystem
  • Kress-built brushless motor
  • Multi-position rear handle
  • Dual-sided laser cut and ground blades

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