IMER Masonry 750 Plus - FREE DEPOT SHIPPING (Conditions Apply) (7444914309)

IMER Masonry 750 Plus - FREE DEPOT SHIPPING (Conditions Apply)

Manufacturer: Imer 
Product Code: 1188863

  • $7,020.99

    Cutting Blocks just got a lot easier! The Masonry 750 allows the operator to cut 8” and 10” blocks in a single pass – without the added hassle and effort of a foot pedal. The powerful 7.5 h.p. electric motor combined with the 30” blade delivers 12” of cutting depth. Whip it through blocks, pavers, and pre-cast concrete products with ease. The frame and cutting tray are hand fabricated
    heavy duty steel, while the ergonomic design allows the operator to load up the saw with a lot less effort.


    Should it be necessary to make a plunge cut just grab the tilt handle and ease the blade into the material. The cutting head pivots on sealed bearings, making plunge cuts is smooth

    The Masonry 750 is designed to make it easier to move the blocks on and off the saw. The lower profile allows the operators to get a lot more done in a day.

    The box steel frame is very rigid yet light for a saw of this size. Proven design techniques combined with high quality steel makes for one powerful and buffed Beast!

    The 30” blade begins to spin very efficiently as the optional 7.5HP motor is equipped with an electronic soft start system.

    The wheelkit and the well engineered balance of the saw allow it to be rolled around by one person. The Beast is also easily handled by a forklift as lift slots are welded into a frame.

    Blade diameter / Blade shaft diameter 30” / 1”
    Max cutting length (w/plunge) 18” / 27"
    Maximum cutting depth 12"
    Motor rating 6 h.p. 220v, 1ø or 7.5. h.p 220v, 3ø
    Blade speed 1700 r.p.m.
    Weight (crated) 440 (495) lbs.
    Water pan capacity 9 gal.
    Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump 3 g.p.m.
    Length 60"
    Height 33"
    Width 62"







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