Husqvarna PP 65 Power Pack (7462043333)

Husqvarna PP 65 Power Pack

Manufacturer: Husqvarna 
Product Code: 966 56 37-03

  • $8,500.40

PP 65 is a versatile electric power pack developed for our high frequency-powered PRIME product range. The low weight, compact design and user-friendly interface with digital menu make Husqvarna PP 65 very easy to use and transport. Connects to both 3- and 1-phase power.


  • Low weight, ergonomic design - Easy to carry and use.
  • Air cooled - No water needed to cool the power pack.Low weight, ergonomic design
  • Flexible power setup - Operates with both 3- and 1-phase power.
  • Automatic setup - Automatic detection and setup of connected equipment and power source makes handling easy.
  • User-friendly interface - Digital display and menus for efficient control and service of the unit. 

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