Husqvarna L421P (6024696299680)

Husqvarna L421P

Manufacturer: Husqvarna 
Product Code: 961 33 00-33

  • $649.99

The L421P provides best in class value. Featuring reinforced PremierCut deck for superior cutting capabilities and long lasting performance. The design was conceived with the professional in mind, with structural improvements made in all the right areas; heavy duty wheels with wear resistant tread, reinforced handle for enhanced response, collision guard for added protection, and a semi-commercial Kohler HD775 engine for improved durability.
  • Motor/engine manufacturer: Kohler
  • Cutting Width: 21 in


  • Collision guard: Reinforced front end for protection against collision and added rigidity
  • Reinforced PremierCut Deck: Achieve superior cutting results with Husqvarna PremierCut Deck with added reinforcement for long lasting durability and wear protection
  • Double bolted handle: Double bolted bag through handle for durable construction, responsive operation and easy grass bag access
  • Reinforced front wheels: Reinforced front end and wheel pad areas that will stand up to rough conditions and transportation to and from job sites
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