Husqvarna Climbing Gear: Climbing Rope (1428725792804)

Husqvarna Climbing Gear: Climbing Rope

Manufacturer: Husqvarna 
Product Code: 596 93 61-01

  • $159.99

Husqvarna Climbing Rope:

16 Strand construction. Excellent knot tying ability. Remains firm and round. Performs well with variety of friction hitches. ½” diameter. Easy to grip. Great friction hitch interface. Polyester cover over nylon core. High abrasion resistance. Excellent energy absorption. Low Stretch. 8,260 lb tensile strength. Available in 120', 150' and 200'.

    • 16 Strand construction,  ½” diameter
    • 8,260 lb tensile strength
    • Polyester cover over nylon core
    • Excellent knot tying ability
    • Great friction hitch interface
    • High abrasion resistance


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