Dustless Pit Hawg BBQ Ash Vacuum (5583560081568)

Dustless Pit Hawg BBQ Ash Vacuum

Manufacturer: Dustless 
Product Code: D0015

  • $161.99

Our entire goal at Dustless is to give you a reliable vacuum that won't spit out ash. A dual layer HEPA filtration system protects the motor and keep ash from being sent out into your home.

Most vacuums spit ash back out into the air. Here at Dustless, our three gallon canisters are sealed using metal clamps and an o-ring. You won't have ash on your furniture, and you won't have ash particles in your lungs.

  • For use with cool to warm fine ash
  • HEPA filter system prevents any ash from circulating back into the air
  • Thermal shutdown protects the vacuum from hot, billowing air
  • Fire resistant components prevent sucked up materials from catching fire
  • Clean the filters without opening the unit
  • Includes full set of accessories engineered to capture dust from tight places
  • Ideal for fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, and BBQ

Included With This Product:

(1) Pit Hawg Ash Vacuum
(1) HEPA Filter
(1) Outer Filter
(1) 5-Foot Metal Flex Hose
(1) Aluminum Nozzle
(1) Rectangular Wire Brush

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