Dustless DustBuddie for Flatwork

Manufacturer: Dustless Technologies 
Product Code: D0084

  • $625.99

The DustBuddie is meant to fit most gas powered cut off saws.

  • Vacuum shroud used in dust containment while using gas powered saws for flatwork
  • Captures up to 90% of concrete dust
  • Fits most gas powered cut off saws
  • Made of aluminum for rugged durability
  • Polyurethane sliders to protect the work surface
  • Connects to a 2” soft hose cuff
  • Complies with OSHA silica laws and EPA Regulations for point-of-origin dust containment
  • Requires a 260 CFM vacuum system for full containment (2 wet dry vacuums or one industrial vacuum)

Included With This Product:

  • (1) DustBuddie for Flatwork
  • (1) Universal Mounting Bracket
  • (1) Bolt Kit

When used with a 260 CFM vacuum system the DustBuddie is compliant with OSHA and EPA laws, keeping you and your workers safe from legal action and protecting you from harmful diseases caused by silica exposure.















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