STIHL MS 881 24" Chain Saw (6894526922912)

STIHL MS 881 Chain Saw

Manufacturer: Stihl 
Product Code: 88124

  • $2,419.99

With a 24'' bar.

The MS 881 is the most powerful gas-powered chain saw in the market with the highest displacement of 121.6 cc and a power output of 6.4 kW. Built for high-performance work, this saw is reliable, sturdy and the optimum choice for professional foresters, loggers, wood processing plants and mobile saw mills. Ideal for the most demanding forestry jobs, this chain saw is excellent for working in extreme conditions when harvesting big timber, felling, crosscutting and rip-sawing. The MS 881 has a one touch start/stop button, HD2 air filter, a modern chain sprocket cover with captive nuts and adjustable oil pump for optimal oil flow. There’s a diagnostic socket for easier fault analysis. The MS 881 comes in 24, 36 and 41" bar length options with a .404" STIHL RAPID™ Super chain.

Recommended range of guide bar lengths: 24’’, 36’’ and 41’’.

Weight shown is for power head only.

Engine (cc)
Power (kW)
Weight (kg/lb)
9.8 / 21.6

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