Little Beaver Standard Blades

Manufacturer: Little Beaver 
Product Code: 9023-4

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Standard Points & Blades

All standard snap-on augers are equipped with hardened, replaceable points and side-mounted cutting blades. These components do the actual cutting as the auger rotates, protecting the auger flighting from excessive wear. To ensure maximum digging efficiency and auger life, the point and blade should be replaced when they become dull.

Small diameter augers (1.5″, 2″, 3″) feature screw-on points only. All other points and blades are bolt-on. Only two bolt-on point sizes are required: one for 4″ to 12″ diameter augers, and the other for 14″ and 16″ diameter augers. The side-mounted cutting blade is available in the corresponding auger diameter size, from 4″ to 16″.

Standard Blade Sizes: 4″  6″  8″ 9″ 12″ 

Standard Point Sizes: Fits 5" - 12"

Screw-on Point Sizes: 1.5″ 2″ 3″


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