Husqvarna 395 XP® 32" Professional Chainsaw

Manufacturer: Husqvarna 
Product Code: 965 90 27-72

  • $1,674.99

Choose one of the world’s most capable and legendary chainsaws. The Husqvarna 395 XP® is built for professional loggers and foresters. Excellent balance and a rugged handle design make this large saw easy to operate – even with longer guide bars. The aggressive clutch can handle the chainsaw’s substantial power, while a wider clutch cover guarantees effective wood chip dispersal. Take your work to the highest level of performance with this trusted machine.



  • Air Injection®: Centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter. This results in reduced air filter cleanings and improved engine life.
  • Adjustable oil pump: Allows you to control oil flow depending on application and weather conditions.
  • Quick-release air filter: Facilitates cleaning and replacement of the air filter.
  • Magnesium crankcase: Sturdily built crankcase withstands high rpms and tough professional use, ensuring a long service life.



  • Cylinder displacement: 94 cm³
  • Cylinder displacement: 5.74 cu.inch
  • Power output: 6.6 hp
  • Maximum power speed: 8700 rpm
  • Fuel consumption: 470 g/kWh
  • Idling speed: 2500 rpm
  • Spark plug: NGK BPMR7A, Champion RCJ6Y
  • Electrode gap: 0.02 in
  • Torque, max.: 5.9 Nm









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