Cannon Carpentry Bar, Panel Saw - U Mount (1015838965796)

Cannon Carpentry Bar, Panel Saw - U Mount

Manufacturer: Cannon Bar Works 
Product Code: CJB-U1-24-63-4

  • $795.59

  • 3/8″ pitch .050″ gauge
  • 3/8″ low profile .050″ gauge
  • 3/8″pitch .063″ gauge
  • .404″pitch .063″ gauge
  • And the lengths are:  20″ and 24″

The unique features of the Carpenter Bars is that they have a very narrow profile and the bars have parallel rails; this means that the bottom of the cut is straight which is a big help when it comes to finishing and joining  lumber or logs together.

There are two sizes as well; one that cuts a 3″ top to bottom plunge cut hole and another that cuts a 4″ hole.

Also with the 3″ version, due to its very narrow profile it can be used for making curved cuts such as you might see over an arched door threshold in a log cabin.

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