Betamax Leo XXL VDF (Wireless) (7463282117)

Betamax Leo XXL VDF (Wireless)

Manufacturer: Betamax 
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Single Line; 1,000 lb, 80 fpm, 220 ft

Double Line; 2,000 lb, 40 fpm, 110 ft


The Beta Max Leo Hoist is our largest capacity portable hoist designed for heavy duty long lifts.

Two programmed speed sets are standard but, additional speed setting are available. The standard slow speed is 8 ft. per minute, for toggling materials into place and precision placement. The second set will smoothly graduate up to 80ft. per minute, for quicker movement between floors.

VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive which means the hoist operates at variable speeds.

Soft Start Technology Protects Fragile Loads
Precise control for easy panel placement.
Enjoy 15% - 30% productivity gains with this hoist.

Prevent Material Breakage and Protect Profits 

    • Eliminate jarring starts and stops with smooth acceleration and deceleration


      Traditional discrete hoists go from off to top speed and from top speed to off instantly. This causes a severe jolt of the transport material and leads to significant breakage.
      Beta Max VFD hoists accelerate and decelerate smoothly protecting your payload and saving you money. 

    • Controlled placement of panels.


      Beta Max VFD hoists have a standard slow speed of 8 ft. per minute. This speed is ideal for toggling materials into place. 

    • Wire rope precision delivers exact payload elevation


      Getting a chain hoist to stop at the exact height you want is difficult because of how the links move through the hoist. A wire rope hoist does not have links and can stop at the exact height you need.

Maximize Productivity and Complete Jobs Faster

    • Deliver glazing materials to work level fast (80 fpm)


      Workers aren-t standing around waiting on materials to install. Our VFD hoists smoothly accelerate up to 80 ft. per minute. 

    • No re-rigging with 'Pick and Place' mounting options


      Wireless Remote Control
      Dual Wireless Remote Controls

      Our parallel I-beam trolley mount allows you to move the hoist along the entire face of the building. This means you can pick up your panel at ground level, raise it to install height and trolley along the building and into place, all in one go. - That's Fast.

    • Pass hoist control to the right person at the right time


      Two hand held wireless controllers create wireless freedom from long cumbersome pendant cords. Give the worker at ground height control of the hoist while rigging and initial lift. Then pass control of the hoist to the worker waiting to receive / place the payload.

Generate Higher Profits Per Project And Per Year
    • Own for the cost of renting.


      In many cases, for the cost of rent, permits, setup and breakdown of a single crane, you can OWN multiple Beta Max Hoists.
      These hoists pay for themselves on the first job and add significant profits to the bottom line for every job after that.

    • Win more bids by working independently of the GC


      General Contractors prefer subs that use their own equipment to deliver materials. Coordinating use of the GC's equipment to deliver materials is a headache and potential bottleneck the GC would rather avoid.

    • Complete more projects in a given year


      Winning more projects and completing them faster means you can bid on more work and take on more work each year - more work equals more revenue.

When the hoist is used on a single line it has a 1000lb. capacity. The solution includes a double rope kit that when installed, increases the hoists lifting capacity to 2000lbs.

Two hand held wireless controllers compliment this powerful tool by creating wireless freedom from long cumbersome pendant cords. This allows the worker waiting to receive/ place the panel to have control of the hoist and the payload.

LEO VDF Single Line Double Line
Payload 1000lbs 2000lbs
Height 220' 110'
Height XXL 400' 200'
Speed 80fpm 40fpm
Power 220V, 13 Amp, 3Φ OR
220V, 15 Amp, 1Φ
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