BERCOMAC 66" Universal Rotary Broom for Skid Steer (926793629732)

BERCO 60" / 66" Universal Rotary Brooms for Skid Steer

Manufacturer: Bercomac 
Product Code: 700854

  • $6,929.00

  • Universal and simplified installation
    • Pre-assembled at the factory for quick use in a jiffy
    • Front installation with universal "skid steer" style swivel quick coupler (required)
  • Performance
    • Includes a choice of 11cv Honda or 14cv Vanguard engine, mauel starter.
  • Electrical controls
    • A single connector for quick and easy connection
    • Integrated intelligent starting module that prevents starting if the broom is not completely disengaged.
    • Includes emergency switch with cord.
    • If desired, the unit is ready to receive electrical angulation. (optionally available)
  • Durability
    • Brush made of polypropylene, ensuring long durability
    • Baked powder paint
  • Interchangeable accessory
    • The same quick coupler allows the installation of the snowblower.

* Tractors weighing a maximum of 5000lbs

  1. Engine: Choice of  Honda 11cv or Vanguard 14cv, manual start.
  2. Clutch:  Electric, operates smoothly from the seat.
  3. Angulation:   Manual on ball bearings, simple and efficient, from o to 20 ° on each side. Electric angulation available as an option.
  4. Drive system:  A complete chain guard protects the chain from dust, which greatly reduces its maintenance and when necessary, access is quick and easy.
  5. Swivel Wheels:  10 "in diameter allowing it to move on any type of terrain. (Must be removed when installed on the" Skid Steer "type hitch)
  6. Heavy-Duty Parking Feet:  Used when storing the broom to prevent bristle damage. Also accommodates side wheels (available as an option) for use on the lawn.
  7. Brush pressure adjustment:  With lever and tension springs, adapts to different tasks in addition to allowing optimum wear.

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