BERCO 56" 3 Point Hitch Snowblower for 15 to 35 HP Tractor

Manufacturer: Bercomac 
Product Code: 701029

  • $3,940.00


Berco "Mistral" snowblowers have been built to weather any winter! Category 1 3-point hitch, the Berco 48 "snowblower is offered in manual rotation, hydraulic or electric. 

  • Top Link Pin is: 3/4"
  • Lift Arm Pins are: 7/8"

Quiet, low maintenance and ultra efficient! Category 1 3-point hitch

  • Upper arm pin diameter: 3/4 "
  • Diameter of the pins of the arms Lower arms: 7/8

For tractor with PTO from 15 to 35HP

  • Residential use or light utility service
  • Long life and maintenance free
    • Chain drive system
    • Serrated screw
    • Heavy-duty gearbox ensures performance and requires no maintenance
  • More choice
    • Select between manual, hydraulic or electric chute rotation, electric rotation frees you hydraulic output for another application
  • Controls at your fingertips
    • Turn the chute from left to right manually or opt for hydraulic or electric rotation which frees your hydraulic connection for another application
    • Electric deflector is available as an option.
  • Hydraulic lift (uses tractor PTO system)
    • Designed to optimize the lift height to allow better access to the boarding ramps
  • Quick setup
    • Simple attachment directly to the 3-point tractor (category 1)
  • Rotating parts
    • All rotating parts are mounted on bearings for a snap repair if required
  • Scraper
    • Reversible and replaceable for longer life
  • Skates
    • Adjustable and replaceable. Nylon models for paved surfaces and extra tough for heavy-duty work are available as an option.
  • Paint
    • Baked powder coat, light gray color

3 Models:
Snowblower, PTO Shaft, Manual Chute & Deflector kit 701027 - $3,645
Snowblower, PTO Shaft, Electric Chute & Deflector kit 701029 - $3,940
Snowblower, PTO Shaft, Hydraulic Chute (manual deflector) 701036 - Includes hoses 701011-1 - $3,890

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