BERCOMAC 48" Utility Blade for Lawn & Garden Tractors (Cub Cadet) (1486627897380)

BERCOMAC 48" Utility Blade for Lawn & Garden Tractors (Cub Cadet)

Manufacturer: Bercomac 
Product Code: 700636 / 700722

  • $799.99

Electric Lift Utility Blade for Lawn and Garden Tractors

Cub Cadet: XT3* (2015 & after), GT & GTX - 2000 Series (2011 to 2014), GSX Models: slight modification may be required for tractors equipped with a brush guard. 


All Seasons Tool for All Seasons Jobs

  • Electric lift (winch included)
    • Control it with a switch
  • Controls at your fingertips
    • Lift and lower the blade with the winch control
    • May be angled from the driver’s seat to 20° both sides
  • Two steel reinforcement bars for rigidity
    • Allows you to do the toughest jobs
  • Equipped with trip spring protection system
    • Helps avoid damage to the blade and tractor, the blade topples over solid obstacles and springs back to its original position
  • Cutting Edge, tougher for a longer lifetime
    • When one side is worn, simply unbolt and reverse it to double the life span
  • One Mounting For All
    • Use the same mounting to install the other Berco accessories such as the Rotary Broom and the Snowblower.
  • Quick installation
    • After the initial set up of the subframe it can stay on your tractor all year long without interfering with your mower deck
    • Pre-assemble winch for a quick and easy installation





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