BERCO 44" Brush Cutter for L & G / Compact Tractors & ATVs

Manufacturer: Bercomac 
Product Code: 700817-2

  • $4,995.00

For L & G Tractors, Compact Tractors & ATVs

Electric start and Cutting Height

Pull Behind Rough Trail Cutters
100% Controlled from your seat!

Choice of:
17.5HP Briggs & Stratton Pro engine orr
20HP Briggs & Stratton Commercial engine


One of the only in this category that is already equipped with an electric starter and leverage system

  • 100% Fingertip Controls (control box is include)
    • Start the engine
    • Raise and Lower the unit
    • Engage it
    • Emergency kill switch
    • Throttle arm
  • 100% Safe
    • Equipped with an electric clutch to engage and stop the blades instantly
    • Emergency lanyard kill switch that, in case the operator falls off the vehicle, the mower will stop instantly.
  • Installation
    • Universal on all vehicle equipped with a 2″ rear ball hitch

Equipped with heavy duty blades they will go through shrubs and small twigs with ease.

Battery not included, requires U-1 battery

  1. Tilt system:  Allows the brushcutter to be aligned parallel to the ground without uninstallation
  2. Electric lift:  Allows you from the seat to adjust the cutting height from 3 "to 7"
  3. Engine:  Choice of 17.5 or 20 HP "Briggs & Stratton" Starter and electric clutch
  4. Pole:  Adjustable to 3 positions: left-center or right.
  5. Control box:  All the commands can be found in the control box located near the user.
    • Starter
    • Clutch
    • Cutting height adjustment
    • Emergency stop
  6. Operator Presence Control:  The lanyard attached to the operator's wrist will stop the engine immediately if the engine falls from the vehicle.
  7. Blades:  2 x 15 "rotating blades, swivel
  8. Obstacle jump:  Protects the hub from damage that may be caused by an obstacle
  9. Ejection:  Rear ejection
  10. Reinforcement:  Bumper used to protect the tires
  11. Tires:  Pneumatic, 480 x 400-8, 2 ply Sealant filled tires 


  • 17.5HP: 544lbs
  • 20HP: 567lbs








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