BERCOMAC 40" Compact Electric Lift Snowblower for L & G Tractors (John Deere Series)

Manufacturer: Bercomac 
Product Code: 700465 / 700700-1 / 700707-1 / 700470-3

  • $1,999.99

*Delivery Fall 2021*

Available for many different makes & models - Call for details

John Deere:

100 Series: 115,125,135,145,155c,190c
LA Series: 105,110,115,120,125,130,135,135se,140,145,150,155,165,175

D Series: 100,110,120,125,130,140,150,160,170,105 auto
S Series: 240
E Series: 100,110,120,130,140,150,160,170,180

*Snowblowers are not recommended with 5 speed manual transmission tractors.

Fits Tractors from 13 - 24HP

Designed to have a better weight distribution for the smaller lawn and garden tractors. Perfect for residential use.

  • Electric lift (winch included)
    • Control it with a switch
  • Controls at your fingertips
    • Engage the snowblower by activating the same system as the mower deck of the tractor
    • Turn the chute to the left or right by using the handle located to the left of the driver
  • One Mounting For All
    • Use the same mounting to install the other Berco accessories such as the Rotary Broom and the Blade.
  • Quick Installation
    • Once the bolt-on-brackets are mounted to the tractor, they may remain on permanently with no interference with the mower deck.
    • Pre-assembled winch for quick and easy installation.

Dimensions: 40'' x 18''

Weight: 245Lbs

Rear Counterweights and Tire Chains are required for better traction and safety

Berco Snowblowers, Brooms and Blades are interchangeable on same subframe. 




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