BERCOMAC 40" Cab for Lawn & Garden Tractors

Manufacturer: Bercomac 
Product Code: 700423-2

  • $550.99

Stay covered and comfortable all winter!

40″ Soft Cab for Lawn and Garden Tractors
Universal mount for all type of tractors

How you can determine what model or enclosure is the right fit for your tractor:

You need to measure from the outside of one footrest to the other

  • Measurement less the 34" - 700271-3
  • Measurement greater then 34" - 700423-2
  • If the snowblower is a manual lift you will automatically need 700423-2


Includes Cab and mounting hardware

  • Light weight yet sturdy frame and top quality polyester canvas
  • Easy setup
  • Universal mount for all major brands of Lawn and Garden tractors equipped with a Berco accessory.
  • Two wide zipper doors for easy access


Cab measurements:

A - Rear height ( 45.50”)
B - Front height ( 55.25”)
C - Length ( 45.50”)
D - Width( 40)”
E - Length (50”)





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