BERCOMAC 40" Cab for Compact Tractors

Manufacturer: Bercomac 
Product Code: 700694-2

  • $725.99

Please note Freight is additional for this item.

Stay covered and comfortable all winter!

How you can determine what model or enclosure is the right fit for your tractor:

You need to measure from the outside of one footrest to the other

  • Measurement less the 34" - 700271-3
  • Measurement greater then 34" - 700423-2
  • If the snowblower is a manual lift you will automatically need 700423-2

Includes Cab and Universal Bracket Kit 

  • Protects the driver from the icy wind and freezing snow.
  • Spacious interior allows the operator to move freely.
  • The back window is longer to allow the lights to be visible

 40" Soft Cab for Compact Tractors

Universal mount fits most brands of tractors with a ROP bar. 

Fits with front loader Brackets.

Soft cab includes a plastic insert to reinforce roof avoiding it to collapse over the weight of snow or rain.

If used with a BERCO accessory, controls remain inside the cab.

Note: If it is not a BERCO accessory make sure the controls remain inside the cab. Refer to dimensions listed below for verification.

To assure this cab will fit on your tractor you must verify these measurements:(please see picture to confirm)

A - Rear height ( 46”)
B - Front height ( 62”)
C - Length ( 44.5”)
D - Width( 40)


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