T & H Bantam Pneumatic Stone Carving Set (1599194365988)

T & H Bantam Pneumatic Stone Carving Set

Manufacturer: Trow & Holden 
Product Code: 26015445

  • $702.99

Our Barre Bantam pneumatic hammer weighs only 9 oz, and its 5/16" shank carbide chisels are the smallest, most detail-oriented stoneworking tools manufactured by Trow & Holden. The Bantam's smooth action over a wide range of power make it incredibly versatile for its size and easy to control.  These key features make our Barre Bantam Carving Set an excellent introductory set of pneumatic tools for fine detail carving and lettering.  This tool set also includes a complete 10 ft air hose with all hardware and hose components preassembled.

Product Features:

  • Barre Bantam Pneumatic Hammer
  • Complete 10' Airhose Assembly
  • 1/8" Carbide Chisel with Flat Blade
  • 3/16" Carbide Chisel with Rondel Blade
  • 1/2" Carbide Chisel with Toothed Blade
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