Arbortech AS175 Masonry, Brick & Mortar Saw

Manufacturer: Arbortech 
Product Code: ALL.FG175110.20 - EST 88066

  • $1,349.99


What's Included: 

  • 13 Amp ALLSAW Power Tool
  • Tool Bag
  • Heavy Duty Dust Boot
  • Standard Dust Boot
  • 2 Sets of Blade Bolts
  • Set of General Purpose Blades
  • Set of Plunge Blades
  • Set of Headjoint Blades
  • 1 Ian (Torque) Key



ALLSAW Technology

Engineered to significantly improve safety and efficiency when cutting brick walls, mortar and more.

Cut square, deep and with precision.
The ALLSAW Masonry Restoration Kit is ideal for Masonry Professionals. There are
a number of specialized blade options designed to tackle even the hardest of applications from single brick to caulking removal.

Cut Dry. Cut Clean.
For the first time you can cut dry and cut clean at the same time. Inside jobs are now possible without the usual painstaking clean up time.

Powerful, heavy duty 1400 Watt motor. Long lasting motor life even in the toughest working environments. Each ALLSAW compatible blade comes equipped with high quality Tungsten Carbide teeth.


  • The clever ergonomic design improves balance and control, while preventing dangerous and deadly kickbacks.
  • The unique patented cutting technology produces little airborne dust which creates a safer environment for the operator and bystanders.
  • The engineered design allows the operator clear visibility when cutting.

With a number of specialized ALLSAW compatible blades available, including Heritage Blades, Switchbox Blades, Headjoint Blades and more. We have the blades for the job.

Never Before Seen Dust Control 
For more sensitive work environments and work site restrictions, the new Heavy Duty Dust Boot takes dust removal to a whole new level. An attachment for the Arbortech ALLSAW, the new design 
eradicates dust regardless of the blade depth, but still allows for precision cutting.

Why do my blades keeps coming loose?


  • Make sure to tighten the bolts to the required 18Nm using the Ian key supplied. 
  • Check that no dirt or lubricant is between the blade and the conrod.
  • Check the blade mount holes. If these holes become elongated (evidenced by damage inside the hole from the screw thread) the blades should be replaced. The Blades rely on close tolerances for good operation, any form of deformation of these mounting holes, combined with the hammering motion of the saw, will induce movement which will work to loosen the blade mounting screws.


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