Arbortech  AS170 Heavy Duty Dust Boot (1129619390500)

Arbortech AS170 Heavy Duty Dust Boot

Manufacturer: Arbortech 
Product Code: ALL.FG.BOOT002

  • $84.99

The Allsaw already has a reputable position in the market for creating comparably lower dust than most competitors, when working with brick and mortar removal.

For more sensitive work environments and work site restrictions, the Heavy Duty Dust Boot takes dust removal to a whole new level. The new design eradicates dust regardless of the blade depth, but still allows for precision cutting.

  • Accordion Design - superior dust removal at any depth
  • Open Nose - visibility of blade for precision cutting
  • Heel Markers - to align with blade for precision cutting
  • Wear Guard - hard wearing plastic for durability
  • Works with all Arbortech Allsaw models

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