Arbortech Allsaw Headjoint Blades (7718228485)

Arbortech Allsaw Headjoint Blades

Manufacturer: Arbortech 
Product Code: BLA.FG.7000

  • $119.99

Blades for the Arbortech Allsaw used for precise removal of mortar on vertical joints. Cuts up to 3” deep. Set of 2 blades.

The headjoint blades for the Arbortech Allsaw are used for removal of mortar on vertical joints without overcutting and damaging surrounding brick work. The headjoint blades allow for more controlled and precise even in hard mortar, and cuts up to 3” in depth. The Arbortech Allsaw uses 2 reciprocating blades and an orbital cutting action to cut faster than traditional reciprocating saws. The process also produces less airborne dust than typical brick, mortar and masonry cutting.

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