Arbortech  Allsaw Caulking Blades

Arbortech Allsaw Caulking Blades

Manufacturer: Arbortech 
Product Code: BLA.FG.9000

  • $209.99

Used with the Allsaw to remove caulk from between concrete panels. Grinds and removes caulking on both sides of concrete panel simultaneously, while following joint width. Caulking Blades available in 1/2", 1” and 2” sizes. Set of 2 blades.

The plunge blades for the Allsaw are used for general cutting of bricks and mortar. The plunge blades are designed for cutting a single brick height and 4-3/4” depth. The blades have tungsten carbide teeth and are perfect for single brick removal and toothing of brickwork. The Arbortech Allsaw uses 2 reciprocating blades and an orbital cutting action to cut faster than traditional reciprocating saws.








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