T & H Air-Powered Carving Set (1599188500516)

T & H Air-Powered Carving Set

Manufacturer: Trow & Holden 
Product Code: 26015447

  • $780.99

The Air-Powered Carving Set is an introductory collection of pneumatic tools for stone sculpting and relief carving.  The set includes three carbide-tipped chisels of varying widths and blade styles, and a choice of either a 1/2"- or 3/4"-piston Type-B Pneumatic Hammer. The set also includes a complete 10ft air-hose assembly with all connecting hardware pre-installed, and a canvas Trow & Holden Tool Wrap.

Product Features: 

  • 1/2" OR 3/4" Type-B Short-stroke Pneumatic Hammer
  • Complete 10' Airhose Assembly
  • 1/2" Carbide Carver's Chisel with Flat Blade
  • 5/8" Carbide Carver's Chisel with Rondel Blade
  • 3/4" Carbide Marble Cutting Chisel with Toothed Blade
  • Canvas Trow & Holden Tool Wrap
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