Wimag 315 030 Flat Grab FGS

Manufacturer: Wimag 
Product Code: 315 030

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The Flat Grab FGS was developed for handling rough
stones and concrete parts with parallel surfaces.
The high clamping force guarantees safe handling.
One clamping jaw is adjustable. The narrow construction
of the second clamping jaw is welded to one end of the
beam. This narrow construction enables the grasping,
tensioning and the safe upright setting of horizontally
positioned concrete parts. Due to the adjustable
suspension ring, e.g. L-shaped stones can be put into an
upright position.
The FGS is equipped with exchangeable rubber
The FGS can be used near to the ground together with
any lifting equipment.
For picking up the load, a bolt is pulled which snaps in by
itself when the load is put down and the grab opens
Due to a high-strength chain the FGS has a low net
weight. The guide handle enables an exact positioning
of the load. The grab is coloured orange, RAL 2000. The
beam and the connecting elements are galvanized. 


Capacity 1500 kg
Clamping Range 30 - 300 mm

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