When Your Men Are On WORKHORSE, You’ve Got The Fastest Crew In Town!


WORKHORSE Doubles Your Profit on Short Walls


Mason contractors love using elevating scaffolding on all the long, tall walls on their commercial jobs because it doubles their profit. Those are the MONEY WALLS.
But all the rest of the walls - short walls, interior partitions - can account for as much as 80% of some projects. Turn those walls into MONEY WALLS too!
WORKHORSE lets you quickly build walls as high as 17’-4” without stopping and the masons are always at ideal waist height.

That means:
  • All your short walls are built 25% faster.
  • Your job is finished 25% sooner.
  • 25% of your estimated labour money stays in your pocket! .


We re-designed our very popular WORKHORSE scaffold to make it even easier to use and transport.


THE NEW WORKHORSE lets you get the extra production of crank-up scaffolding on ALL your walls.

Top out 11'-4" walls from the first course to the last without stopping. What's new:

1. The NEW WORKHORSE has a 3'-8" stub base rather than the old 9'-7" base. The advantage is being a LOT more transportable. Now, you can actually knock it down and move it in a pickup.

2. The NEW WORKHORSE's standard configuration is the stub base with one 4'-3" extension. The total tower height is 7'-11" so it'll go anywhere. When it's jacked as high as it goes, the masons' feet will be 6'-5" above the floor. The masons' shoulders will be about 11'-6" above the floor.

3. The NEW WORKHORSE has a built-in hop board for the tenders. As the tenders jack the masons and their workbench up the tower, it will eventually get too high to reach. They put two boards on the hop board support and they can reach the workbench easily.

4. It's easier to move inside a buildiing now. Each leg weighs only 153 lbs.

WORKHORSE starts out on the ground. You bring WORKHORSE in first, before the wall is even laid out. DO NOT RUN YOUR WALL SCAFFOLD-HIGH. The workbench boards are put in place and stocked. The masons' walkboards are tucked under the workbench so they're ready when needed.

The WORKHORSE 9’-7” Base Tower will put your masons’ feet as high as 8’-3”. You can top out a 12' wall with ease. Add a 4’-3” extension, your masons’  feet will go up to 12’-6” to top out a 17’-4” wall. On interior partitions, you can always jack your masons right up against the ceiling without the tower hitting the ceiling.      

Lightweight - Moves by Hand
WORKHORSE’s base tower with elevating carriage weighs only 123 lbs. No component weighs more than one man can comfortably pick up and carry. No forklift - no problem. Snap-on handles allow four men to pick up a tower and walk it to a new location, anywhere on the job, inside or out, in minutes. Casters are available for hard floors.

Reliable - It Just Works
WORKHORSE ’s elevating carriage has aluminum rollers on stainless shafts to roll smoothly up the tower. The inertial safety catch never needs resetting, or any attention whatever. It will stop the carriage in the event of any problem.
The climbing dog and the climbing strip machined into the towers themselves are precision CNC machined. WORKHORSE works every time. Lifetime guaranteed.

Safe, Steady and Stable
Walking on WORKHORSE is like walking on the ground. The towers won’t bend or sway and the carriage climbs smoothly with no jarring or jolting. Completely safe. Completely steady. Completely stable.

Safety Approved
WORKHORSE meets all OSHA and ANSI standards for elevating scaffolding. Like all Non-Stop towers, Workhorse is legal to climb.

Build The Scaffold Just One Time
Complete towers are moved from wall to wall with a forklift or by hand. They do not have to be level with each other on uneven ground, either. You can stair-step them down a slope and jack the platform level. That means your laborers are NOT tearing down and re-building frames all day. Their ONLY job is to tend the masons.
They can stock the masons’ workbench from the ground when building walls up to 10 feet high. If the walls go higher, the laborers can snap on a 4-board Laborers Platform at any height they want, in minutes. It will hold full pallets of materials and mortar tubs.




This is 12 legs (77 running feet) of Workhorse clamped together with our "Rack Brackets" that we also use for Heavy-Duty and Standard-Duty. Each leg consists of the stub base, 4'-3" extension, and elevating carriage. It is 7'-11" tall overall and less than 4 feet wide. Most of our customers stand their Workhorse up on the front of their trailer and tie it to a headache rack. The old base unit was 9'-7" high which made it too hard to transport move around inside.




  • The WORKHORSE carriage is jacked up the tower in 1-3/4-inch increments. It carries the two masons’ walkboards (A) and the two workbench boards (B) up the tower. 
  • The Laborers’ Bracket is snapped on where needed.
  • The Jack Handle moves from tower to tower and jacks up the masons and their workbench together.




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