Rhino MULTI-PRO XA Gas Powered Post Driver

Manufacturer: Rhino Tool Company 
Product Code: GPD-45-301003

  • $4,499.99

The addition of an extended anvil to the Rhino® Multi-Pro™ has created more options for post driving. The Multi-Pro™ XA expands the range of post types and sizes with additional adapter and chuck choices. This makes the Multi-Pro™ XA perfect for fencing, road signs, farm, ranch, forestry, vineyards, anchors, tent stakes – essentially any driving job. Capable of driving up to a 3 7/8″ round solid wood post profile, with the optional adapter plate and 4″ chuck. Drives up to 2 7/8″ square solid wood post in addition to square tube, and channel post. 


Master Chuck ID–in (mm) 2.5” (63.5)
Overall Dimensions in (mm) 10.75" x 17" x 26" (273 x 432 x 660)
Weight–lb (kg) 47.25 (27.43)
Power 4-stroke
Performance 1720 BPM (approximate)
Fuel Unleaded Gas, 86 octane or higher
Fuel Capacity–US qt (ltr) 0.67 (0.63)
Engine Oil SAE 10W-30
Grease RHINO® Pro Series Lubricant
Ship Wt. 54.5 lb (24.72 kg) approx.
Part No. Description
301002 Rhino® Multi Pro XA™ Gas Powered Driver
301007 Rhino® Multi Pro XA™ w/Slotted Chuck
300902 Rhino® Chuck-Lok™ System 2" (50.8mm) Adapter
300895 Rhino® Chuck-Lok™ System 1¾" (44.4mm) Adapter
300900 Rhino® Chuck-Lok™ System 1" (25.4mm) Adapter
301920 Rhino® Chuck-Lok™ Locking Nut
300932 Multi Pro™ Drive cap for 1¾" (44.45mm) O.D.
Square Tube
300933 Multi Pro™ Drive cap for 2" (50.8mm) O.D. Square Tube
300934 Multi Pro™ Drive cap for 2¼" (57.15mm) O.D.
Square Tube
300935 Multi Pro™ Drive cap for 2½" (63.5mm) O.D.
Square Tube
301000 ¼" Long Arm Hex Key (1 per driver)
300500 Rhino® Pro Series Lubricant
300506 Rhino® Pro Series Lubricant - 12-pack
301506 Multi Pro™ Service Kit
301169 Multi Pro™ Extended Anvil
301420 Multi Pro™ Extended Master Chuck
301159 Multi Pro™ Channel Post Chuck
301175 Multi Pro™ U-Channel Drive Kit
(includes 301159, 301169)
301422 Multi Pro XA™ Square Anchor Chuck (also part no. 301171)
301400 Multi Pro XA™ Large Chuck Adapter Plate
301403 Multi Pro XA™ 3½" (88.9mm) Wood Post Chuck (Wood
Post Only)
301405 Multi Pro XA™ 4" (101.6mm) Wood Post Chuck
(Wood Post Only)
301415 Multi Pro XA™ 3" (76.2mm) Square Wood Post Chuck
(Wood Post Only)

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