It saves you money!

Canadian Equipment Outfitters is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Non-Stop Elevating Scaffold ans Speed Poles across Canada. Contact us to learn more about our numerous successful applications. Quite simply -It saves you money!

Non-Stop Heavy-Duty Scaffolding™ saves you money by increasing production. This system involves a single platform that moves up and down vertical towers. Instead of spending labor dollars setting up additional frames and planking the next level up, the scaffolding is simply raised (or lowered) using winches. This also results in using 1/3 fewer planks. Other benefits include:

  • Material is always handy: No more moving material between platforms and with the drop down platform material is always sitting at waist level.
  • Safety: Many accidents and OSHA violations are due to mistakes in planking, toe boards and setting up guardrails. The more times this needs to be done, the more probable a mistake becomes. With this system, you set up one level. The guardrails and other safety equipment travel with the scaffolding as you go up. Make sure it is correct and you are good to go all the way up.
  • Ladders: Each frame is meets the OSHA specifications for scaffolding ladders, providing more access points for the scaffolding to be climbed. This increases safety by reducing traffic to and from a limited access point on the scaffolding and increases production by providing faster up and down times for your workers.
  • Ergonomics: With Non-Stop Heavy-Duty Scaffolding™, each mason lays brick at waist level since the scaffolding is continuously adjusted as courses get laid. This results in higher quality work since it is easier to lay brick at this height and more production since the mason experiences less fatigue from laying at his feet or at eye level. This factor alone has been proven to increase production by fore than 20%.
  • Faster Set Up and Tear Down Time: Due to the design of Non-Stop Heavy-Duty Scaffolding™ and the fact that it has fewer pieces than conventional scaffolding, the set up and tear down time is faster. Each tower (up to 45 feet tall) can be picked up and moved to a new location in about ten minutes per tower. It takes 20 minutes to lower the platform from 45 feet tall back down to the ground.

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