Quikpoint Lightening Grouter

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Quikpoint Lightening Grouter

Product Code: 1991-03
Manufacturer: Quikpoint
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Introducing the NEW Model #3 Quikpoint Lightning Grouter!!

The New #3 Quikpoint Lightning Grouter is the perfect tool for large and small flatwork pointing jobs. With its easily loadable 1 ½ gallon capacity hopper, you can roll along any joint with precision. Using a variable speed drill allows you to cut down on waste and clean up time! Just hook up your 3/8" or ½” variable speed drill (corded or cordless), adjust the depth of the Angled Steel Nozzle, and start pointing! No more bending over or getting on your knees to point joints by hand or with a grout bag. The NEW #3 Quikpoint Lightning Grouter is not only easier on your body, but it can be up to 5 times faster than traditional pointing methods!

  • Great for all flatwork pointing jobs.
  • 1 ½ Gallon Capacity Hopper
  • Save Your Back. No more bending over.
  • Attach your own 3/8” or ½” cordless or corded drill
  • Easy Load - Easy Clean
  • Double Wheel design for precision and stability while grouting
  • Fast, Accurate & Clean
  • Auger-Vibrator Feed
  • 2 Wheels for Easy Rolling
  • Accessory Parts Bag Included


  • Grouts pavers, patio blocks, tile, and all flat-work with ease. Will work right up to where flat work meets vertical surface.
  • No mess. Fast application.
  • Just Add Your Drill Use variable speed drill for precise control.
  • Fast loading, holds 1.5 gallons. Simply trowel or pour mortar into the hopper top.
  • No aching back or gnarled knees! The Quikpoint Lightning Grouter is designed to save you time and money. This Grouter will dispense all mortar mixes and tile grouts.
  • Clear line of sight to the Angled Steel Nozzle. Angled Nozzle size is 1/4" x 3/4" inch (which is initially built-in to the tool). 1 extra Angled Steel Nozzle is included in the extra parts bag. Two 3" wheel for easy rolling and stability are installed for detailed or bulk jobs..

    Accessory Parts Bag includes:

    1 - Angled Steel Nozzle #12
    1 - Wheel Bolt Set #9
    1 - Drill Mount 4” Ring Clamp #15A
    1 - Drill Mount 3 1/4”Ring Clamp #15B
    1 - 1/8” Allen Wrench Key #10
    2 - 1.25” Wheel Washer #7
    2 - 1/4” Wing Nut #21
    1- Scoop 16 oz #36
    1 - 5/16” Ring Clamp Tightener #34
    1 - 7/16” Wrench #35
    1 - Gibco’s MRF 8 oz #33
    2 - 1/4 X28 x1/4“ Socket screw(for Blade coupling)
    2 - Tip Blade Set (Long & Short Blade) #30
    1 - U-Blade #31
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