Wallenstein WXR740 Trailer Log Splitters

Manufacturer: Wallenstein 
Product Code: WXR740 - EST 89821

  • $4,399.99
  • Save $590.01

 Introducing the all-new Firebolt WXR740, the first 2x2 speed log splitter that is both faster and stronger. The Firebolt offers 27 tons of splitting force and an impressive 11 second cycle time. Featuring a 2-stage regenerative valve for blazing fast speed, coupled with a heavier 2-speed pump for extra power, the Firebolt offers the perfect combination of fast, efficient splitting with added strength when you need it.


  • Easily remove gnarly blocks that stick to the splitting wedge.
  • Full splitting force is always applied because the cylinder is directly in line with the log, powering through the toughest wood with ease.
  • Speed up splitting with the efficient regenerative mode, full power mode always available.
  • Switched to reverse, the wedge returns to the start position hands-free and then automatically clicks back to neutral.
  • Maximize your efficiency with the 2-stage pump that moves quickly and splits powerfully.
  • Quickly and easily switch into the vertical position to split logs too large to lift onto the splitting bed.
  • A wide wedge spreads and pops the log in a short distance, reducing cycle time.


Split Force: 27 Ton
Engine: 196 CC Honda GX200
Split Opening: 24" (61 cm)
Orientation: Horizontal / Vertical
Average Splitter Cycle Time: 5.35 Seconds
Full Cycle: 11 Seconds
Cylinder Diameter: 4.5" (11 cm)
Wedge Height: 10" (25 cm)
Bed Height: 27" (69 cm)
Tires: 4.80 x 8
Hitch: 2" Ball
Total Weight: 570 lbs (259 kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 83" x 48" x 44" (210 cm x 120 cm x 113 cm)
Hydraulic Capacity: 6 US gal (23 l)







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