Hustler DASH - B & S (1321709273124) (5430302736544)

Hustler DASH 34" Zero Turn

Manufacturer: Hustler 
Product Code: 938480

  • $3,499.99

The Dash is Hustler Turf’s most compact residential mower designed to get the job done at a price you can afford. A smaller design makes it ideal for garage storage and fitting through tight spaces with ease. The DASH is ideal for yards that are ½ to ¾ acre in size. Comes with a 34" deck welded fabricated steel deck and 10.5hp Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt engine
P.D.I - Set-up, fluid levels checked, test all functions and have it ready


    The Hustler Advantage:

    Smoothtrak Steering: Precision control to help trim and maneuver easily around obstacles. This steering system has been developed River deceased if experience. Many have tried to reverse engineer this design only to learn that it's not one component that makes it the smoothest in the industry. 

    Patented Park Break: Hustler was the first to integrate the parking brakes into the twin-level design. This design was patented for years and continues to be a great safety measure for operators. 

    Heavy-Duty Decks: Fabricated welded-steel decks add strength and durability that outperform stamped decks found on other brands.

    Tough Frames: Fabricated welded-steel frames, over-engineered front axles, thick front forks with heavy-duty caster yokes ensures your mower will last for thousands of hours on grass and concrete test tracks with inclines and embankments, our construction is superior to mowers at the same price point. 

    Simple Design: Who wants something you can't work on yourself? More engineering doesn't always mean more parts or more complexity. Quite the opposite. We engineer our mowers to have fewer parts and more access points making them efficient and easy to maintain. 

    Precision Cut Quality: Our desks are not only durable but engineered to give homeowners a clean and crisp cut. This comes from decades of learning how the airflow inside the deck stands up grass during the cut. Make your neighbours jealous with a beautifully manicured yard and well defines stripes. 






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