EZG Hog Leg Accessories

Manufacturer: EZG Manufacturing 
Product Code: HL-HL-2

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Accessories for EZG Hog Legs

  • EZG Hog Leg HL-2 Large Extension Pipe - HL-HL-2 - Large 7" Extension Pipe 2 7/8" OD
  • EZG Hog Leg HL-1 Small Extension Pipe - HL-HL-1 -HL-1 Small 7' Extension Pipe 2 3/8" OD
  • EZG Hog Leg HL-5 Backing Plate -HL-5 Backing Plate HL-HL-5
  • EZG Hog Leg HL-6 T-Bar -HL-6 T-Bar
  • EZG Hog Leg HL-7 Wedge -HL-7 Wedge
  • EZG Hog Leg HL-9-407 Latch Pin -HL-9-407 Latch Pin
  • EZG Hog Leg HL-24 Wall/Floor Bracket -HL-24 Wall/Floor Bracket
  • EZG Hog Leg HL-32 - 6" - 10" - 14" T Bars
  • EZG Hog Leg Brace Screw Adjustment Assembly - Bottom (HL-A-1)
  • EZG Hog Leg Brace Swivel Assembly - Top (HL-A-2)
  • EZG Hog Leg HL-A-5 Swivel/Screw Adjustment Assembly 9"
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