Pave Tech AirLift 10" Extension Kit (1052770140196)

Pave Tech AirLift 10" Extension Kit

Manufacturer: Pave Tech 
Product Code: CT014039A

  • $168.99

AIRLIFT is designed to make lifting and moving slabs, pavers and even porcelain tiles easy, safe and more ergonomic.  AIRLIFT is electric, so it does not require an air compressor like most similar tools.  A wide variety of suction plates are available besides the 5×5 plate in the base kit, and a one-hand lift handle is available as well.  The backpack vacuum is also very light weight and easy to maintain.

Suction Plates Available:

  • 5″ Round Suction Plate
  • 4″ x 15″ Suction Plate
  • 3″ x 11″ Suction Plate





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