IMER Combicut 350/1200 Tile Stone & Masonry Saw - FREE DEPOT SHIPPING (Conditions Apply)

Manufacturer: Imer 
Product Code: 1188931

  • $4,399.99

This is The Best Tile, Stone & Masonry Saw in the World! The all new 350/1200 iPower is more powerful and accurate than ever before. The new 4 h.p. motor combined with the laser guide ensures that cuts are made quickly and accurately. Tile and stone installers, masons, precast fabricators, landscapers and general contractors across America are putting the 350/1200 iPower to the test. Cut 24”x24” pavers on a diagonal, 48” pieces of marble and granite up to 4 ¾” in depth. This saw is versatile and reliable.
  • With 48 inches of cutting length, and accuracy to 1/32", the COMBI 350/1200 delivers the performance required by the most demanding installations. GUARANTEED!
  • The water pan is made with ABS plastic, it is very crack resistant.
  • The cutting head may be moved up and down for perfect plunge cuts. The cutting head may also be locked in place at any height.
  • The stainless steel cutting surface and jig welded frame are tough, 24" x 24" pavers, bring ‘em on! 4" thick precast pieces, no problem! Cutting marble and granite to be set with virtually no grout line, consider it done!
  • The stainless steel protractor is the only truly accurate rip guide available in the industry.


    Blade diameter 14"
    Blade shaft diameter 1"
    Max. cutting length - includes the plunge 48"
    Max. cutting depth 90/45 degrees 4 ¾" / 2 1/3"
    Motor rating 4 h.p./220v/15amp
    Motor speed 2,800
    Cutting table dimensions 55" x 27.5"
    Weight (crated) 265 lbs. (300 lbs.)
    Water pan capacity 10 gals.
    Noise level 75 db(A)
    Length 69" (70”)
    Height 55.5" (60.5")
    Width 30" (30.5") 






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